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Memories on Video - Customer Feedback

The very personal services which we provide to our customers gives us an insight into numerous precious family memories - on cine films, video and camcorder tapes and also on personal sound recordings - all made decades ago and mostly featuring family members who are no longer with us. This is, to us, a great privilege and it is hardly surprising that our work attracts numerous letters of appreciation - we have received tens of thousands since we started in 1984 - and we continue to receive more on most days.

Ever since we started, we realised that the best way to gain customer confidence in us is to publish copies of these messages in our literature. Initially, we started to photocopy letters (pre' computer days!) and enclose miniature copies of them with our info' packs - INCLUDING (importantly) the FULL details of name, address and phone number if shown. This policy proved extremely effective in marketing our business - and there was NEVER a problem with any miscreants abusing the information provided. The 'transparency' which this afforded was proof positive that all our letters were in fact genuine - who would do that with ficticious material??!!

However, the 21st century is a different 'place'. We are assailed daily with intrusive e-mails attempting to 'scam' us to get our personal details, we have instances where our competitors (a lot more now, than in the 1980s!!) have actually 'mailshotted' our satisfied customers to attempt to 'steal' their patronage from under our noses! and it became obvious that we could no longer divulge personal details about our customers.

Accordingly, the feedbacks which we reproduce on our Customer Feedback pages now only show 'abbreviations' as to their origin. Please be assured that they are ALL absolutely genuine and EVERY SINGLE ONE has been saved in print and filed away here in our premises - available for checking by any authority if it ever becomes necessary. I usually add a fresh feedback every day and you can view the latest ones by clicking on the link below.

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