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FOR £5

Foreign & British Video Conversions

video tape

TV systems vary in different countries.

The European broadcast system is PAL.

North America (USA and Canada) still have NTSC broadcasting and recording - as do Japan and several other countries.

There were some other systems -France had SECAM!! - trust them to be different!

In this 21st century, as I write this, DVDs also vary from region to region.

To avoid un-necessary confusion/complication, I will apply the very simple criteria:- NTSC is Region 1 for DVD and PAL is Region 2 for DVD we are able to offer you the following conversion services

1) For 'household video recordings':-

  • British VHS to American DVD (and vice versa)
  • Pal to NTSC conversion for DVD (and vice versa)
  • British DVD to American DVD (and vice versa)
  • British Beta to American DVD (though NOT the other way for this one)

2) For camcorder video recordings:-

  • VHS(C) to American DVD (and vice versa)
  • 8mm to American DVD (and vice versa)
  • Hi 8mm to American DVD (and vice versa)
  • MiniDV to American DVD (and vice cersa)

ONE PRICE ONLY for ANY of the above conversion £15 for DVD
The price is for EVERY tape/disk (up to 4 hours) submitted - NOT for compilations

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