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LETS (Local Exchange Trading Schemes)

LETS (Local Exchange Trading Schemes) are a wonderful way for people to trade with each other without using money. They're a smarter version of the old barter system - you swap goods and services with a whole group of people using a 'local' currency. The system operates like a bank. Users open an account when they join and transactions are recorded through a central administrator.

The biggest headache in keeping a LETS scheme up and running is trying to deal with all of the administration functions - keeping up with which members are active, adding new members, assigning new services to members whilst removing services from others and trying to process all the transactions as they start to build up.

With that in mind, Lois Software has written a program which provides the complete solution to assist in running the administrative functions of a LETS scheme. Lois is intuitive and easy to use and will run on any PC using Windows.

The Lois LETS software program is currently being used by LETS schemes all over the world - including UK, USA, Canada, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand and El Salvador


Sample Screen from the Lois LETS Software

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