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WebDB - The Instant Online Database


Lois Software has been developing user-friendly PC programs and databases since 1987 and has been involved in creating web sites since 1997. We have experience of the full system life cycle – analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, training, support.

We have mainly worked on dynamic web sites (these are web sites that are database-driven i.e. data is stored in a database and loaded into the web page as soon as it is displayed.) These have often been very time consuming and expensive projects with the total cost being in the region of £25 - 30,000. This sort of budget can be outside that of many businesses that would like to develop their existing sites further.

There are thousands of web designers around at the moment - in fact, every other person you bump into seems to be a web designer! However, a lot of them only offer basic web design services and don't get involved in the production of dynamic web sites. This means that you either have to go to a specialist company and pay for their expertise or learn how to do the programming yourself.

The advantages of a dynamic web site include:-

  • It is the most effective way to present your data online
  • It makes it very quick and simple to update the web site so that it is always current and up to date
  • It lets users search for the information they need and only display the results they want.

In the past, the disadvantages of a dynamic web site have included:-

  • Cost!! Because of the expertise involved, a dynamic web site can be a very expensive option.
  • Time!! It usually takes months to carry out the analysis and design of the database and then to code all the pages.
  • Lots of testing has to be done before the web site can go live.
  • After the launch, every time you want a few changes made, there is more expense involved.
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