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WebDB - The Instant Online Database

A brand new way to put all of your data on the Web!

Anybody who spends any time at all on the web uses search engines to find what they are looking for - such as using Google, Yahoo or Altlvista to find a web site or possibly looking at an Estate Agent's web site to search for a detatched four bedroom house with two bathrooms in the area of your choice.

Even though nearly all companies have their own web site nowadays, for a business to put their own data on a web site is usually a very expensive and time consuming affair. All that has now changed with the arrival of WebDB!

The main features of the software are:-

  • Easy to use - No programming or web knowledge required.
  • Low cost - No need to employ expensive programmers to produce a dynamic web site.
  • A fully tested product - You can be up and running in under an hour!
  • Totally generic - works for any application.
  • No on-going support fees - You can make any changes to the database quickly and simply.
The system comes in two parts:-
  • An online administration system where you can set up and maintain your database and change the look and feel of the live pages.
  • The live pages where visitors to your site can search your database on the criteria which you choose and have all the results displayed in the format of your choice. They can then click on one of the results and see full details of the database record.

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