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WebDB - The Instant Online Database

Example Sites

Here are some recent examples of WebDB being used so that you can see the variety of applications that the software can be used for and also how the look and feel can be changed to fit in with any exisiting web site or corporate identity. Click on any of the titles or images to view the web sites:-

Digequest Equestrian Photography
This web has been designed and developed for an equestrian photographer. After each event, the photographer populates a spreadsheet with details of all the competitors. This data is then copied into the WebDB database and uploaded to the web site where all the latest information becomes live.
Rell Auto
This is a web site which has had a new feature programmed in which selects a random record from the database each time the home page is visited. The site features two databases - one for new cars and the other for secondhand cars and the layout has been made different for each of the databases.
Memories On Video
This is a web site for a company that transfers cine and video to DVD and the WebDB software was used for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This means that this page can be updated by the site owners anytime they want to add more questions and answers.
Rupert Belfrage
This is a web site which is currenty under construction and will be used to show all the works of a potter based in Lancashire. Although an initial meeting took place, it is possible to design and develop a complete web site by just the exchange of emails.
The Right Note
This is another recent web site which is still under construction. It has been developed using 2 WebDB databases - one for products (new, second hand, special offers, etc) and the other for documents (reviews, advice, latest news, etc.). The graphics were provided by the client's graphic designer and they were easily integrated into the WebDB framework.
Progressive Audio
This is a web site for a hifi dealer who is using WebDB for storing details of second hand hifi equipment. In the past, the page had to be re-coded everytime a piece of equipment was bought in or sold which involved an ongoing cost. Now the client is able to update his site at any time of day or night from any PC anywhere in the world!
Cherry Orchard
This web site is used by a sewing shop that runs a wide range of workshops. It features a very comprehensive search facility whereby potential attendees can search for courses by selecting from Workshop Title, Type, Tutor, Skill Level, Day of Week, Month or Special Offer.
Your site could be here!
In order to help us launch and promote the software, we are looking for customers who would be willing to be a demonstration site in exchange for a very good deal! Contact us for more details.

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